Reasons why you need to hire a REALTOR® for a presale!

Dated: August 26 2021

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Hello everyone! It truly is amazing how fast time passes when you have your nose down and keep busy with the daily hustle. So I do apologize for my absence.

With this insane market, despite a world pandemic on our hands, presales have become a trendy way for first-time purchasers or even investors to go. With these presales, it shocks me that people still go to these sales centers/showrooms without being represented by an agent of their own.
SO...  Here are a few reasons why you, the buyer, should be represented by your agent when going in for a presale purchase!

Buyers' agents cost you NOTHING!!!
Yes, you absolutely read this correctly! When you purchase a presale, the developer will pay the commissions to the buyer's agent once the sale has been completed. By hiring an agent of your own, you are taken care of. The agent will ensure everything goes smoothly, watch over the deposits' timeline, and review the disclosure statement and associated paperwork. Let your agent take on the worries and stress related to the purchase journey and ensure everything is done correctly.  

The buyer's agent is accountable to you, and your Interests are what come first!
So this goes without saying, The sales team employed by the developer works for the developer, which means those agents are under contract to work in the developer's best interests. Remember, the sellers' agent has the seller's best interest and not yours. Protect yourself; most buyers believe if they go direct to the developer or the agent representing them, they will get a far better deal; this is most often done at the safety of your contract. If not better, the realtor working for you 99% would have negotiated the same price.

Again remember the agent representing the seller is not representing you and, in the end, is not thinking of your best interest. They are there to sell the product they have on hand, and that product may not be the best fit for you. Your agent will work for you and listen to what matters to you, and with that relationship, they will help you find what is best for you!

Buying any property can and most times carries a lot of emotion and stress... who needs stress?
Any purchase of this size carries the stress and emotion that can get in the way of truly understanding the whole process of purchasing your home. Having your realtor in place brings stress relief and knowledge that will help you remain focused and concentrated on your goals. A licensed realtor also brings their experience, which will help you negotiate upgrades or a better price. The biggest thing is your agent will keep you up to date with the process; they are your main line of contact with the developer and their team, and they will remind you of any deposits which need to be made.   

Knowledge is power!
You may have experience purchasing homes with the traditional contract of purchase and sale. Just know this, developers do not typically use the MLS drafted contracts, and these contracts will all be different between developers and projects. In addition, the structure of these contracts is not the same. Having a realtor in your corner will review your contract, the terms, the disclosures, and all associated documents to ensure you are protected 100% along the way. The critical thing to take away here is the agents, and the paperwork is geared to protect the developer; your agent's job is to ensure you understand what you are signing and make sure you have the time to seek any legal advice required.  

The paperwork can be complicated to navigate, and many changes can come along the way where your realtor can keep you up to date with this fast-changing market.
So you made it through, securing a unit in the new project, and for whatever reason, you need to sell and get out of the purchase. Here is another perfect reason to have a realtor in your corner. You will have access to their network of buyers and the other realtors they work with within their office and outside their office.   
Let me ask you this,  Why would you not want someone watching out for your best interest? When it is free of cost to you!
Why not have someone be there to review all of the paperwork and clear any uncertainty away. Having the experience and knowledge of what to look for in the disclosure statements and all associated paperwork will walk you through the process and get you potentially free upgrades and or a better price?

Folks, hire a realtor of your own... It's free peace of mind!   

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Reasons why you need to hire a realtor for a presale!

Hello everyone! It truly is amazing how fast time passes when you have your nose down and keep busy with the daily hustle. So I do apologize for my absence.With this insane market, despite a world

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