*Update* Im still here

Hi everyone, 


After speaking with some people today, I have been told my vlogs are missed on YouTube and was asked where I have been hiding at lately... Yes, I went slightly MIA and for that I am sorry and working on fixing this issue. I have been busy with furthering my real estate education and gaining more knowledge so that I may better server my clients. 


I will be getting back in the vlog game and talking about more real estate content and things that are going on with me, is that what you all wish to see? Leave me a message to let me know what sort of content you want to see on my YouTube channel and also here on the blogs. 


By the way have you subscribed to my channel yet?? If you haven’t, then go subscribe and make sure you click on the bell icon so you get notifications when I post new videos. 


It’s almost a new year and I will try and organize myself to be able to do more posts and be more active on my other platform channels. You can also follow me on Instragram if you aren’t doing that already, make sure to follow me there as that is where I am most active.




I also want to take this time to wish you all a Happy Holidays and a very very prosperous 2019!