Where have I been? Well nowhere really so let me explain!

Hey hows it going everyone!? Yes I have been on a total hiatus, missing in action, if you want to call it that. I was swammped with work and in preperation for my exam that is coming up here shortly. Long story short I got so far behind in my studies and assignments I realized if I didnt just sit down and knock out my assignments I would be in well a heap of trouble and in short would have to pay for the course again and I didnt want that to happen. 

So whats been going on with real esatate and all its awesomeness lots of things have been going on to be honest with you. People speculating that the markets going to crash or lots of people saying its doing just fine. I think its doing just fine, yes banks are getting difficult to obtain money from but is that really all a bad thing? If you have gone past your ability to afford something do you really want to grab a piece of the pie? 


Houses are still selling, the attached market is doing amazing at this time and if you can afford it and are looking for a new apartment or townhome I would deffinately get into something quick.


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Thank you for coming to my page and I look forward to helping you find that property to call home!